Monday, September 21, 2009

Raising Funds and Other Stuff

It's been a while since we had our fundraising garage sale, and believe it or not, we just now got all the leftover's out of our garage! We had the best of intentions! Really! First I thought I'd sort through some of the "nicer" items and take them to consignment shops in an effort to increase the balance in our adoption fund checking account. Well, that was a waste of time!

Consigning has to be the best scam out there. I spent a lot of time carefully looking through so many items, making sure they were in terrific condition. I also had a lot of super nice business clothing that was donated from friends. When I say nice, I mean - Jos A. Banks kind of nice! So, surely these things would sell at a consignment shop, right? Nope. If I walked out with five bucks in my pocket, I was lucky! And the baby/children consignment stores were even worse! I eventually gave up from the frustration.

And just last week, we arranged for a local organization called Quest for Excellence to pick up the remaining items so they could be distributed to the folks they help. (Quest for Excellence provides transitional housing, programs, support services and educational support for at-risk, homeless and special needs population.) Yippee!! Our garage can now accommodate one vehicle!

Maybe that was God's plan all along. He knew there were people in greater need than us so the consignment idea didn't work out. We are thrilled to know the things that so many friends donated to us will be going to good use.

Beyond that, we have a couple more things we need to get rid of and we're hoping to be able to sell these bigger ticket items.

First, we have a really awesome couch that was recently re-covered. Visit our post on Craigslist to view a picture and get a better description. (

We also have an exercise machine. The Pilates Performer JP is available for just $50! (What a steal?!)

And finally, we were given a wedding dress from a young lady in our neighborhood who said she wanted us to sell it and put the money toward our adoption fund. (Wow! We're still blown away by this generous gift.) We have no idea how much to charge for it but that will soon be available as well.

Please let us know if you or any of your friends have an interest in any of these items.

Beyond the selling stuff, we remain in wait mode until God presents us with another potential birth mother match. We covet your prayers and appreciate all the support we've been given and continue to receive.

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